Modern Patio Trends

Create a Backyard Oasis: Modern Patio Trends

A custom patio not only establishes a special area for relaxation and recreation but also increases the value of your home. Here in Prescott, homeowners are discovering elements they can incorporate to create the backyard oasis of their dreams. Modern patio trends in Prescott include natural stone, brick, freeform pavers, and many other products allow you to get the most from your outdoor space.


Patio Trends - Borders Between Squares

Borders in Squares

One of the patio trends that has been capturing the Quad-Cities recently is the traditional borders between squares design. Borders can be worked into a design using rectangles, as well as other shapes, to form a mosaic. Borders are effective in both highly refined and rustic.



Freeform Patios are a Common Trend

A customized freeform paver patio allows you personalize its design and shape, integrating angles and curves that complement your outdoor living space. With the freeform concept, you can add extra patio space where you want it and narrow it where there isn’t much space in your yard. Freeform patios can be made from just about any type of material.  It just depends on your own personality and style.


BlueStone patio trends

Natural Stone Pavers

Speaking of materials, natural stone pavers are trending materials for patio. They are durable and make for a beautiful patio. They come in many geometric shapes like squares, rectangles, and even irregular forms. The most common natural stone pavers in the Quad-Cities include:

  • Natural stone pavers are strong and durable.  They are also slip-resistant.
  • Pavers offer a look and texture that can be customized anywhere from rustic to elegant. Additionally, they can be cut in any shape to form both symmetrical asymmetrical layouts.
  • Flagstone is a natural stone.  It can be cut into flat and wide sections.
  • Flagstone is also relatively smooth and dense.
  • We only offer the finest, as inferior flagstones can crumble.
  • This natural stone is a favorite here in Arizona because of that rugged Southwest look with its rich, textured surface. Because of the mineral balance in the stones has caused color changes in granite, they are available in a wide range of colors.


Modern Patio Trends - Red Brick

Red Bricks: Always in Fashion

Those old, red bricks have always been popular for outdoor havens. They are pleasing to the eye and economical. People create some of the most impressive designs with these low-cost products.


B&M Remodeling - Gazebo

Plenty of Plants

Plants make people happier. Show off your patio with a wide array of beautiful plants. Perennials that will return every year make a lot of sense for the circumference of your patio. And, why not set out some planters around or on your patio, planting new flowers every year?


Free Consultation

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